A Commitment to Quality, Innovation & Education in 2012
July 2012

A Commitment to Quality, Innovation & Education in 2012
When the late Dr. Sheldon Langer first opened up Langer Biomechanics’ doors to the foot health marketplace, his lab was in his home garage and his first technician was his secretary (earning extra money afterhours). Since its humble beginnings to present, Langer has established itself as the industry leader in custom foot orthotic/AFO manufacturing and PPT distribution. Throughout its colorful history, the company has continued to embody three core values: Quality, Innovation and Education.

The year 2012 has especially been exciting for Langer and its customers with the launch of some new products, new continuing medical education opportunities, and of course a new website.

The New

Langer is pleased to introduce its interactive and functional website.

Practitioner/Patient Sites: Langer offers website users two sites with different sets of information, one oriented for practitioners and one for patients. The practitioner site serves as a comprehensive online source for everything Langer as well as an access point for a secure online customer portal. The patient site provides patients with educational information about our products and their ailments, as well as a limited product catalog.

Secure Online Customer Portal: Langer customers now have access to a secure online portal that provides practitioners with around the clock service. Practitioners are able to track order statuses/view order history, request a shipment, and download marketing literature.

Additions to the Langer Catalog

At the start of 2012 Langer introduced the concept of Trip & Fall Risk Mitigation therapy and the Moore Balance Brace (MBB), a custom AFO that helps to restore balance and promote stability in elderly patients. We’re pleased to say that this is just one of several planned product launches.

Updated Custom Orthotics Line: Something unique to Langer are the time-tested names of our orthotics. Names like “Sporthotics,” “Heel Fit,” and “Slimthotics” are considered commonplace. We are excited to announce that our custom orthotics lines are getting a “makeover.” Many of our existing devices will take on a new look, comprised of more durable and therapeutic materials, while still providing your patients with effective orthotic therapy.

DynaFlange: Standing at the forefront of our updated orthotic collection is the DynaFlange, which features the innovative DynaFlange Rearfoot Posting System. When compared to traditional posting, the DynaFlange is more effective and efficient.

Updated PPT Line: PPT has been regarded as the #1 medical grade soft-tissue supplement since its inception. Like the updated orthotic line, Langer is giving it a new look. PPT will be available in some vibrant new colors and in addition to the PPT materials you use every day, there will be several new offerings.

Continuing Medical Education Opportunities

Langer has made it a mission to educate foot health practitioners about lower extremity biomechanics and practice management. This initiative is exemplified in Langer’s continuing medical education courses.

“Mastering Biomechanics” Seminar: Langer sponsors a 1-day course that reviews biomechanical assessment and teaches practitioners how to effectively use foot orthotics, ankle foot orthoses, and durable medical equipment. There is also a special presentation on Trip & Fall Risk Mitigation therapy.

Trip & Fall Risk Mitigation Webinars: Langer offers free hour-long webinars that explores the need for trip and fall risk mitigation therapy in foot healthcare and outlines a comprehensive protocol to administer such a program. This webinar is available in practitioner-specific and staff-specific orientations.

Be sure to check out frequently to keep up-to-date on our new products and educational opportunities. Langer is committed to remain at the forefront of the lower extremity healthcare field and to provide its customers with top-quality products, superb customer support, and forward-thinking biomechanical insight.

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