Free ScanCast 3D!
May 2014

Free ScanCast 3D!

For many years practitioners have sought an accurate, reliable and cost-effective alternative to plaster casting for functional foot orthotics. Langer is pleased to introduce its new ScanCast 3D.The ScanCast 3D system allows practitioners to accurately capture full volumetric data in less than five seconds. ScanCast 3D data faithfully captures all of the plantar shape data from the bottom of the foot and up to 8 inches up the back of the leg.

  • Designed to allow practitioners to properly position the patient’s foot in subtalar neutral postion
  • Creates a 3D color image of the patient’s foot, derived from properly plotted coordinate points in less than seven seconds
  • Allows practitioners to obverse the 3D images from multiple views and observe the forefoot to rearfoot positioning
  • Rapid web based uploading of patient prescriptions and scan data for laboratory processing
  • Can be used in off weight-bearing, semi weight-bearing or full weight-bearing positions
  • Can easily be moved between treatment rooms

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