Improving Balance in Elderly Patients with the Moore Balance Brace
July 2012

Langer now offers the Moore Balance Brace (MBB), a custom AFO that effectively improves balance and stability in elderly patients. As health care practitioners begin to incorporate comprehensive protocols that reduce the risk of trip and falls into their range of treatment plans, the MBB serves as an important tool. The MBB, in conjunction with strengthening and other physical therapy modalities can help minimize many of the leading risk factors responsible for falls in the elderly.

The MBB is meant to be prescribed bilaterally and is able to comfortably fit into a wide range of footwear. This AFO is lightweight (about as light as a mobile phone) and has a sleek design, allowing patients to wear them for extended periods of time. The gauntlet closure design of the MBB provides ankle stabilization and sensory input, triggering proprioceptive response. The AFOs also exhibits sagital plane flexibility which enables un-inhibited gait and ample range of motion at the ankle joint. The break-in period for the MBB is nominal and has resulted in high patient compliance rates.

The MBB is available with Velcro or Lace closures, and practitioners have the option of prescribing an articulated version of the brace if needed. Please refer to our AFO section on the website for clinical indications and specifications of the MBB. If you are interested in receiving the MBB Starter Kit, which contains sample risk assessment exams, and informational and compliance documents, please call Customer Service at (800) 645-5520.

We also offer CME seminars, which feature MBB developer Dr. Jonathan Moore, and free webinars both illustrating how to effectively implement a trip and fall mitigation program into your practice. Please refer to our Seminars page for upcoming dates.

The MBB is easy-to-don and comfortable for your patients to use regularly; it will be the most hassle-free AFO you ever prescribe.

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