A Commitment to Innovation

Langer Biomechanics, Inc. has been shaping and reshaping the foot orthotic industry for over 40 years. Our unparalleled understanding of human locomotion, combined with our industry leading knowledge of engineered materials, has produced the most complete and efficacious line of custom functional foot orthotics.


After three years of development, Langer Biomechanics is proud to introduce DynaFlange™ orthotics. DynaFlange™ may well become a game-changer for foot specialists seeking to control the biomechanically challenged patients they treat.

Revolutionary New Approach

Introducing DynaFlange™, the first dynamic rear foot posting system that effectively decelerates pronation and then dynamically assists the foot as it moves into its stable propulsive position. The medial side of the DynaFlange™ post deforms during contact phase and diminishes the destructive effects of excessive pronation. The unique design of the DynaFlange™ creates a spring-like function, storing energy as it decelerates the foot. At heel raise, the stored energy is released and the foot is gently and efficiently re-supinated.

Active…just like us

The dynamic flanges will deform and release based upon the functional needs to each and every step. In essence, DynaFlange™ functions as a self-adjusting shock attenuator. What’s more, the patent pending* design of the DynaFlange™ allows for proper positioning of the foot even while patients are standing still or moving laterally. This is something that traditional posting systems generally cannot do.

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