PPT® Molded Standard Insoles
Molded Comfort Insoles
Women's, Men's
Prefabricated orthotic designed for casual and athletic footwear while providing superior shock absorption. The Ultralux super-wicking top cove helps keep skin cool, dry and comfortable. There is a 1/16" PPT® Plastazote full length base and 1/8" Ultralux® full length top cover. The shock absorption is classified as Moderately-High and is heat moldable at 180-200 Farhenheit. This item is sold in pairs.

Stock Status

SizeColourStatusDescriptionItem #
W 5/6 Blue In Stock 24210
W 7/8 Blue In Stock 24220
W 9/10 Blue In Stock 24230
M 7/8 Blue In Stock 24240
M 9/10 Blue In Stock 24250
M 11/12 Blue In Stock 24260
M 13/14 Blue In Stock 24270

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