"With my new Langer orthotics I am finally get back out to the golf course…thanks Langer "
- Beverly G…Maple Heights Ohio

"My Doctor prescribed Langer orthotics, and I am able to walk pain free for the first time in ages"
- Stan P …. Delray Beach FL

"I used to think that the pain and fatigue in my feet was normal. Ever since I started wearing my orthotics made by Langer, I realize that I didn’t have to "
- Jennifer S ….Toronto, CN

"I have been wearing Langer orthotics for over twenty years. In that time I have had many pairs made. The consistency and fit has always been great and I would recommend them to anyone suffering from heel pain"
- Stuart P …. Bridgewater NJ

"I am diabetic and my foot doctor prescribed Langer orthotics so I don’t run into complications with my feet. They use protective cushioning materials which has kept me problem free. Thanks Langer!"
- Margaret P …. San Diego CA

"As a long distance runner I used to suffer from a number of different over use symptoms. Since I was prescribed Langer orthotics I am able to run pain free for the first time in many years."
- Robert S …. Des Plaines IL

"I was recently told by my doctor that I needed foot orthotics. I was very worried about fitting them into my dress shoes which I need for work. I was pleased to learn that Langer has a wide variety of orthotics that fit into dress shoes. The result has been great and I can still wear the styles that I like."
- Elizabeth M …. Naples FL

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